Aquaflame Model 500
Model 500

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The Model 500 is our most compact model at 40cm x 20cm x 30cm weighing 20kg makes it easy to move around your workshop. The ideal use case is for small-scale jewellery and repair studios as well as flame polishing workshops. Our standard model is available in a UK standard socket for the EU 240v variant EU sockets are available at request. Also, 110v is available for the US market and other countries with 110v electric systems.

The model 500 supports a tip range from 20 - 24 which allows flame polishing on acrylic up to 5m in one pass. The soldering and repair of lightweight jewellery is also easy for the model 500.

The model 500 is a 1 user system so is suitable for jewellery repairs working from home or a small studio.

All new Aquaflame machine comes with a 2-year warranty.

Servicing is also available and recommended after 4000 working hours or 2 years of ownership whichever comes first.

Length 300mm
Width 200mm
Depth/Height 400mm
Weight 18kg
Origin United Kingdom
Brand Aquaflame
Hazardous Goods UN1813
  1. 1x Booster
  2. 1x Soldering torch
  3. 1x 1.5m neoprene
  4. 1x set of torch tips size 20 to 24 (0.60mm to 0.31mm diameter)
  5. Funnel
  6. Operating and setup instructions
  7. MEK (UK only)
  8. Potassium hydroxide crystals (UK only)
  1. Developed for jewelers and opticians
  2. 1 user
  3. Ideal for repairing and soldering
  4. High performance, gas-generating unit
  5. Proudly made in Britain
  6. 2-year warranty